On December 15, the Sines Tech - Innovation & Data Center Hub was founded, a structure created by various public and private entities with the aim of increasing "Europe's digital sovereignty and Portugal's global competitiveness". The FCCN Unit is one of the founding members.

Create an open digital ecosystem, with a centre in Sines, where data can be made available and shared securely, respecting European regulations. This is the vision inherent in the creation of the Sines Tech - Innovation & Data Centre Hub cluster , a structure established through collaboration between public and private entities, with a view to creating "a digital ecosystem in Sines".

Located in the region where the submarine cable connecting Europe to South America - the EllaLink cable - was anchored, the new structure aims to offer an integrated solution for the laying of submarine telecommunications cables, the installation and operation of data centres, as well as the training of qualified technicians. Through this collaboration, it will also be possible to generate unique business opportunities, promoting the digital transition of Portugal and Europe.

The Sines Tech - Innovation & Data Center Hub brings together public and private entities to create an information and communication technology cluster , including Sines City Council, aicep Global Parques, the EllaLink group, Fast Fiber, the National Scientific Computing Unit of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT/FCCN Unit), IP Telecom, REN Telecomo, Sines Tecnopolo and START - Sines Transatlantic Renewable @ Technology Campus.

"This community aims to contribute to increasing Europe's digital sovereignty and Portugal's global competitiveness, which depend on strong internal and external connectivity. Developing both dimensions is a prerequisite for Portugal to be a pillar of a European Union that wants to be the 'most attractive, safest and most dynamic economy in the world', highlights Sines Tech.

The new structure is located in the Industrial and Logistics Zone and Sines and already has the EllaLink Cable Mooring Station, an investment project in a data centre (START - Sines Transatlantic Renewable & Technology Campus) that aims to meet the growing demand from international companies for streaming technology, data processing and storage, social networking and applications companies.

Sines is seen as a location that has several advantages, from the natural conditions of its deep water coastline to the availability of certified land for data centre and ICT dedicated infrastructures, energy intensity and interconnections, availability of water for industrial use and two seawater intake and rejection facilities.

To find out more, visit the Sines Tech - Innovation and Data Centre Hub website at: https://sinestech.pt/

Sines Tech

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