A total of 6.4 billion eduroam authentications were registered in 2022, a 70% growth over 2021. 

Throughout 2022, worldwide, the eduroam network registered more than 6.4 billion authentications. The figure represents a new all-time high for this international mobility service that connects millions of students, teachers, researchers, and other education and research workers to the Internet.  

Besides being a historical mark, this record also stands out for its very significant growth compared to 2021, with a total increase in authentications of around 70%.  

Present in about 110 countries, this wi-fi network has been expanding its presence in various parts of the world. Besides universities or research centers, it is possible to access the Internet through the eduroam network in places such as public transportation in Ireland, in metro stations in Edmonton, Canada or in libraries in Australia.   

"It is clear that opening up access to eduroam provides users with more educational opportunities," explains the service's management and development team, before concluding, "We are very excited to get more people to #love2eduroam."  

In Portugal, the management and monitoring of this connectivity service is carried out by the Unit FCCN of the Foundation for Science and Technology. It all started in 2002, when Portugal was one of the six "pioneer" countries in this initiative, along with the Netherlands, Finland, Croatia and the United Kingdom. There are currently more than 10,000 eduroam hotspots around the world. 

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eduroam balloons FCCN Computing Unit

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