Find out the final results of the Unity Days FCCN , which took place at the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu from May 31 to June 2. 

643 registrations

The 2022 edition of the Jornadas da Unidade FCCN saw an all-time high in registrations - a total of 643. The figure represents significant growth, with a 53% increase in total registrations compared to the 2021 edition. Compared to the total number of registrations recorded in 2017, for example, the 2022 result represents an increase of 64%.

37 speakers

Over the course of three days, the latest developments in the services and projects of the FCCN Unit were highlighted, with a total of 30 sessions and 37 speakers filling the program. Taking into account the six pillars of activity of the FCCN Unit - Knowledge, Collaboration, Connectivity, Innovation, Security and Computing - the various stages of the event covered topics such as Open Science, Cybersecurity and Advanced Computing.

3000 accesses

Throughout the three days of work, the eduroam network played a key role in providing all participants with secure, fast and simple access to the Internet. In total, between May 31 and June 2, more than 3,000 accesses were recorded at the various hotspots of this service managed in Portugal by the FCCN Unit installed at the Polytechnic of Viseu.

34 sponsors

The 2022 edition of the Jornadas da Unidade FCCN once again counted on the participation of dozens of sponsors who provide decisive support for the event. A total of 34 technology companies have joined the FCCN community meeting point, giving them the opportunity to interact with representatives from the worlds of teaching and research. You can consult the list of sponsors online.

21 solved challenges

The Capture The Flag competition was back for the 2022 edition of the Unity Days FCCN. Organized by RCTS CERT, the competition included various security challenges that participants overcame. A total of 21 challenges were solved by 33 users.


At the closing session of the Unity Days FCCN 2022, the event's next "home" was revealed - the Portuguese Navy's Naval School. Rear Admiral Antunes Rodrigues, in a video message, highlighted the role of the Unit FCCN in the activity of this institution, leaving a guarantee: "It will be a privilege to host the Conference of the Unit FCCN 2023".

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